All About Awnings

Fabric awnings add beauty and charm to the exterior of your home or business. They allow people to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about excessive heat, damage from UV rays, or a summer shower. Fabric awnings also protect your deck, window, patio, terrace, or business entrance. The increased shading provided by the awning stops the sun from damaging or fading your carpet, furniture, drapes, or window displays.

Another benefit of adding an awning is that it can decrease interior temperatures up to 15 degrees which can save you money on your energy bills! On a south-facing window, an awning can reduce solar heat gain by 65%. On a western-facing window, the reduction is 77%.

A fabric awning can be made to suit your decor needs as they basically come in an unlimited array of colors and styles. Awnings can be stationary, freestanding, or retractable.

Popular styles include:

Fixed Commercial Awnings
Standard with traditional closed sides
Fixed Commercial Awnings
Venetian with traditional open sides
Fixed Commercial Awnings
Domes And Waterfall Awnings Binghamton NY
Domes And Waterfall Awnings Binghamton NY
Quarter Barrel
Domes And Waterfall Awnings Binghamton NY
Domes And Waterfall Awnings Binghamton NY
Bull Nose
Welco Awning & Upholstery makes its fabric awnings from acrylic canvas, vinyl-coated fabrics, or eradicable fabrics. These fabrics are quite durable and can be paired with frames made of steel or aluminum (either galvanized or powder-coated.)

Down to Basics

Awnings are an economical way to protect your property while also adding shade and protection from the elements. Whether you want to shade your patio from intense summer rays or you are looking to block the Ithaca, NY rain, Welco can find the right awning for you.
Patio Awning or Canopy: Patio awnings and Canopies come in a wide range of sizes to suit nearly any patio space. Customers can optimize their awning by adding features like drop shades, side curtains, lighting fixtures, or heating elements. 
Patio Awning With Dropdown Curtains Maxie's Restaurant
Patio Awning
Patio Awning With Roll Back Curtains
Patio Awning Elmira NY
Patio Awning
Retractable Awnings: You can be in control with a retractable awning! Welco can provide you with a manually operated or electric motorized awning for your home or business. For added privacy and protection from the sun, you can add vertical roll-up shades. The shades make the perfect accompaniment to your porch, sliding glass doors, or windows. With a retractable awning, you get the protection when you need it, but it can be retracted back against your property at a moment’s notice. While a retractable awning is a wonderful addition to your property, it should never be left unattended as it can be damaged by extreme weather. Note: These types of awnings are meant to provide shade, not protection from heavy winds and rains.
Retractable Awning Cayuga Lake
Retractable Awning
Welded Square Awning Onenota NY
Retractable Awnings
hipped patio awning
Retractable Awnings
Fixed Commercial Awnings: Want to improve the facade of your business while simultaneously providing exposure for your brand? A fixed commercial awning can give you both! The stylish fabric awning can be branded with your company colors, logos, and graphics giving you a marketing boost while also giving you much needed functionality. All of Welco’s awnings are custom — we can provide the look and feel that meets your business needs!
Valances The Station Restaurant Walkway The Station Restaurant
Fixed Commercial Awnings
Fixed Commercial Awnings
Dunkin Donuts Endwell NY
Fixed Commercial Awnings
Automotive Upholstery: We can take care of all of your automotive upholstery requirements, from simple repairs to complete interior overhauls. We’ve served customers seeking new convertible tops, airplane interiors, boat interiors, boat canvas, and more! Central New York’s largest retractable dealers are one of the largest retractable dealers in all of Central New York.
56 Door
Automotive Upholstery
57 chevy top
Convertible Tops
Leather Interior 1969 GMC Pickup
Complete Interior Overhauls
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